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Rev.Dr.Jaerock Lee was born in Muan, Jeonnam Province, Republic of Korea in 1943. In his twenties, he suffered for seven years with various incurable diseases and awaited death with no hope of recovery. One day in the spring of 1974, he was led to a church by his sister. When he knelt down to pray, immediately he was healed from all his diseases by the power of the living God. Through this wonderful experience, he met the living God. From that moment onwards he loved the living God sincerely with all his heart.
In 1978 he was called to be His servant. He prayed fervently so that he could clearly understand the will of God and fully accomplish it. In 1982, he founded the Manmin Church in Seoul, South Korea. By the power of God, miraculous healings and wonders have been taking place in his Church.

In 1986, Dr. Lee was ordained as a pastor at the Annual Assembly of Jesus Sungkyul Church of Korea. After four years that is from 1990 onwards all his sermons are broadcasted to Australia, The United States, Russia, the Philippines, and many other places through the Far East Broadcasting Company, the Asia Broadcast Station and the Washington Christian Radio System. As of May 2008, Manmin Central Church has a congregation of more than 100,000 members in 8,000 branch churches throughout the globe. So far it has commissioned more than 127 missionaries in 25 countries.
So far Dr.Lee has written 53 books including the fast moving books of Tasting the Eternal Life before Death; My Life My Faith; The Measure of Faith; Heaven I & II; Hell and The Power of God.
Rev.Dr.Jaerock Lee is the founder and president of WCDN; Chairman of United Holiness Church of Korea, president of the Nation Evangelization Paper and Manmin World Mission; founder of Manmin TV, Global Christian Network (GCN), and Manmin International Seminary (MIS).

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